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Error: Wrong username. ????

  1. Hello everyone !
    I just posting in my blog 2 hours ago, but now I can't even login to my blog .
    I was trying so many time but it show the message "Error: Wrong username." !!??? I don't know why? I was wonder what the hell is going on with my blog ????
    So , I have to created a new account and come here ask people for help . Can anyone please tell me how to do ?


  2. Remember that your username and your nickname can be different. Make sure you're only using the username and password that you signed up with to try to log in, not your nickname (displayed name).

    It is easier to help if we have more specifics. What username is the problem? What is the URL of the blog?

  3. Here is my blog URL I only used the nickname and username as one.
    Actually when I sign In to my blog I set as "remember me" , I just click "login" and then it work all the times but now it's not working .

  4. Did you remember your password? Did you try it a couple of times? Because sometimes we do have typos.

    If that doesn't work, I think you might need to contact staff. It looks like there may be a bug going around. This thread has some other reports as well.

  5. Hi raincoaster !
    Thanks alot for your helping .
    I'm sure I did everything right when I Login with my username and password but it doesn't work for now except my new account .
    I'd reading the link above , it's a different problem over there so I can not find any help , Can you please tell me how to contact staff ?
    I have school in the morning but I still don't sleep yet since lasnight , I was spend a lot times to make my blog look cool but it has a problem and I gonna crazy now .

  6. @kmpoetrys

    i'm guessing that your original username was "kmpoetry"? If that's the case, go to this link (which is where the main page takes you if you click on "Lost your password") and enter kmpoetry in there. You should receive an email with your password at whatever email address you used to create the username.

    If that wasn't your username before, try using whatever you think it was or whichever email address you think you used.

  7. Username is khpoetry - so the Lost Password link should work?

  8. judyb12 & mark !

    I'd try many times on the "Lost your password" before, and the support@ sent me a new password about 4 or 5 times . I trying to Login with the new password but I alway get a message that show "Error: Wrong username." !!???
    If that said wrong username how come my url is . I don't understand it.
    Anyway, thank you so much for helping me .

  9. I just sent an email with a tested password to the admin email address in the blog.

  10. I got the email and new password already . So,I can Login to my blog right now .
    I am so happy now .
    Mark ,thank you so very much for helping :) .

  11. Hi people....Slightly different but similar problem....
    When very new to WordPress I signed in password - 'loonylindsay', but naively and incorrectly created the blog name as '' when I attempt to 'open' my blog I just get returned again and again to the 'global dashboard'. Can I 'fix' this somehow, and/or re-register with SAME email, but different password/blog title??? Thanks. looloo

  12. @loonylindsay
    Staff monitor these forum threads and I expect they will be along to help you soon. Please do not post your password on the forum instead use support [at] wordpress [dot] com to contact staff.

  13. Ok, we'll see what happens. Thanks.
    At the moment I can't 'get on'...Cheers, looloo

  14. loonylindsay - head to and click the 'Register another blog' link under your name. You don't seem to have one right now.

  15. Hello Mark, thanks. I KNOW I don't have one now, it's what I'm trying to do...
    I went to the the main page as you suggested and still, it won't 'connect'. For whatever reason, the 'space' will not allow me to type in domain name. My cursor works in the 'title' section and below, BUT IT DOES NOT allow me access/connection to the BLOG DOMAIN name registration space - zip, nada, it just won't 'connect'....What else do you suggest? I think I goofed somehow, big time, when I registered initially way back when...somehow.
    p.s. Time Thief, loonylindsay is not my password, it's my username... Thanks for helping...

  16. Now I'm getting this:

    Blog and user registration are temporarily disabled. Please try again in a few minutes.

    Maybe it's best to defer for a day till all support staff are back on the job, fixing whatever it is.

  17. Am in. 'Private' at the moment...thanks everyone. Now if I can just figure out how to get the flickr connection to work....

  18. YAY! What great news.

    I don't know what you mean by "how to get the flickr connection". Perhaps these will help

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