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Errors in posting window

  1. Has anybody had this problem?

    See the following image:

    I have made posts in the past, but this time when I tried to make posts I am forced to use the "code" option. There is no "Visual" option to see what the post would visually look like anymore.

    Also, there is a "view" post option which is now placed in a totally out of place area.

    Lastly, now when I choose a category, even though I choose a specific category, the post randomly ends up being filed under some other category. I had to try several times in order for my post to be placed under the correct category.

  2. The editor sometimes resets itself. Go to Users Profiles and set it to Visual Editor...even if you did so before. Sometimes it just changes.

    Let us know if that fixes things. The categorization is, I think, a separate issue.

  3. raincoaster, thanks a lot. Your suggestion did change it back to what I was used to. Since then I have not been getting any categorization issues so it seems like things are good for now.

  4. Excellent! Thanks for the update: I'm sure it'll help a lot of people.

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