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Errors on Pages every day & disappearing text widgets

  1. My Blog has many different Pages. It seems that every day, the links to the pages are broken. Every page clicked-on returns a blank page "File not found error". The pages still do exist, but I have to go into every page and re-save it in order for the pages to reappear. This is impossible to manage, and my company is getting pretty mad at me. Also, I included "text" widgets, and they disappear everyday and the text is gone. I have a few other blogs and have never had a problem like this.

  2. ... my company is getting pretty mad at me ...

    That's a puzzling statement because blogs are non-commercial blogs. Your username is not linked to your blog. Please provide an active link to your blog so we can see it and help you.

  3. My wordpress blog is

  4. My blog works right now because I re-saved all the pages. But it seems to reset every night and the Page Files cannot be found.

  5. On the weekend staff upgraded to another version of wordpress. Some blogs were negatively impacted and staff have been on the job working day and night to fix these problems. Staff do monitor these forum threads and you are not the only one who has experienced this "resetting" Please be patient knowing that staff will get to your blog as soon as they can.

  6. If I were you I would contact staff using the Support button on your dashboard, and I would do it NOW. It's a direct line to them.

  7. xenomis, you will have to provide the following to staff anyways, but what are specific examples of what is disappearing and what widgets are moving around. If you get any errors, what are they and such. That might help this out as well on solving this issue for you.


  8. All of the text/info on all of the Pages is disappearing. I have to go to each page (the text is "still there" on manage>pages). Then I have to re-save each page again. The "text 1" widget is emptying all of its text. I entered more text yesterday, and it disappeared again. The "text 2" widget disappeared altogether.
    I tried contacting the direct Support email line twice, but nobody has responded either time.
    Anyway, thanks for your help in this matter.

  9. My page title is there, but all pictures are gone. If I go to manage and edit it, the pics show up, but view it, and it links to another incorrect page. I tried to save it, but that doesn't work either.

  10. can you give us the URL to a page where this is occurring? When i go to your blog, i see tons of pictures.

  11. I checked every Page in your blog using firefox and I found images (large ones primarily) on them.
    (waving to judy)

  12. The page named Brides- all pictures are gone and one under Vendors is gone as well. As I mentioned above they are there for editing, but not for viewing.

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