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    I am getting errors when uploading audio and video files to my WordPress.Com blog, I get the error “This file type is not allowed – please try another”. I have bought and paid for Videopress and space upgrade and have successfully uploaded files previously. At the moment I am getting round the audio problem by uploading the file to my own website and creating an audiolink, eg “[audio and this works, but obviously I want to get what I am paying for.

    The blog I need help with is



    Now much more space do you have? Are your upgrades up to date?


    I paid $60 for Videopress upgrade on June 21, 2012.
    Space upgrade – 10GB
    Currently using 3.5GB (27%) of 13.0GB available.
    This upgrade will be renewed automatically in 8 months on November 20, 2013
    Karl Dallas Day (
    Custom Design
    Status: Active
    This upgrade will be renewed automatically in 10 months on February 7, 2014
    (Note: I have been unable to make use of any of the Custom Design facilities. I have posted questions on how I can set up CSS files but have received no help on this.)
    Though problems have emerged AFTER the 30 days allowed for cancellation, I believe under common law I am entitled to some kind of refund since none of the upgrades I have paid for are working.)



    Well, if you know how to code in CSS you could use the Custom Design upgrade, but yes, it’s supposed to come with staff support; have you posted your questions to the CSS forum or just the Support forum?

    I see someone has tagged this for staff attention and they’ll get back to you.

    What specific file types are generating this error, or is it all of them including images?

    How much space do you have left in your media library?



    When you see “This file type is not allowed – please try another” what is the file extension (.mp3, .m4a, etc) of the file you’re trying to upload?


    I get the same result regardless of the file format. I have tried MP4, AVI, WMV, MP3, WAV, AIF etc.



    Ok, would you please give us an link to one of the files uploaded on your site which you can’t upload here?



    @macmanx – in the first post they reference a file with an odd sort of mp3 extension – that might be for the player maybe – I have no experience with audio stuff



    Yeah, I think that’s just the forum mangling it. %5D is the ] character, which would essentially complete the shortcode posted above.



    OK – thanks for clearing that one up



    No problem. :)

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