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    Having got round certain frustrations about inserting photos, I found that some other glitches have appeared when I posted my last two posts.

    I now insert all the photos in one go, with the intention of then adding the text before, in between and after the photos. When I do the text following a photo, the text will not align back to the left (I centre align my photos) and becomes a link to the photo file.

    I have been into code view and tried to take out unwanted code, then go back to normal view and photos are then closer together than I originally chose and I can’t get text in between without it again becoming a link. I try and get back into code view and it doesn’t let me. At the bottom of the window is an indication that the page hasn’t loaded correctly due to errors.

    I also went back into my last post to make some edits and the edits did not get saved.



    In addition to my original post, I am thinking that this seems to be as much trouble as Blogger was in respect of adding photos. I thought WP looked to be a better system, but I have had to mess about a bit when posting photos, even before this current problem. The main problem is that the cursor doesn’t stay in the same position, and by the time I’ve uploaded the photo and sent it to the editor, the cursor has moved to the beginning of the post and that’s where the photo appears. I then have to copy and paste it into the correct position, but when I look in code view, there is still code there referring to the photo that has now moved further down the page. I have to upload the photo, send to editor, then make sure the cursor is where I want the photo to appear – very messy.

    So, I am thinking of moving yet again, but to and get a web host. I transferred my Blogger blog to WP – can I now import this one to Or do I have to start again from scratch? I had a look in the FAQs but can’t find anything obvious to tell me the answer to this.




    Correction to previous post:
    I have to upload the photo, then make sure the cursor is where I want the photo to appear before sending to editor. It also does this if I upload all my photos and then send them to the editor in turn. Once I come out of the edit window and select the preferences in the upload window, I have to make sure, again, that the cursor is where the photo needs to go.

    I know it’s not too hard to just re-position the cursor, but the cursor was already where I wanted the photo, before I uploaded it. Why can it not stay there? Just a little annoyance.



    OK, I’ve found the instructions on the site about exporting from and then importing to blog. Perhaps I’ll have more control over how photos upload and appear on that system. Well, hopefully.

    I have found a cheap web host that has WordPress as one of the applications in their system, so it’s a simple matter of adding it to my hosting package and away I go…..

    So, my next question is….
    Is it possible for my blog to automatically forward people to the blog when they visit? Otherwise, I will have to tell everyone the new URL – yet again!



    Is it possible for my blog to automatically forward people to the blog when they visit?

    No. It’s all about Permalinks, and we can’t do that on Sorry, looks like all you have to do is telling everyone that you have moved to your new hosted blog :)



    Thanks Alex.

    As I need some time to get this sorted, in the meantime I need to maintain this blog, so what is the cause of this recent problem I’ve been having with posting?

    I can cope with making sure the cursor is in the correct place before sending the photo to the editor, but what about being able to create a space below to add text, without that text being made into a link. I then have the problem of moving to code view to edit the formatting, then back to visual view, then I find I can’t get back into code view later on, with a page error appearing at the bottom of the window and being unable to save any changes.

    Is this a problem within WP that is being sorted out? I read that they have been doing some upgrades. Has this affected my blog? It seems some are getting strange problems following this change. If this can be resolved, I may well stay with the current blog and not bother with outside hosting.



    What browser and version are you using? People have reported a ton of issues like this with Safari and IE6.



    I use IE6. Anyway around this? Perhaps this is a good time to try Firefox!



    Tried Firefox. Page now saving, no page errors, can switch between visual and code view, can add text below already added photos without it becoming a link. In short, it’s fixed.

    Thanks. Won’t need that hosting now.

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