Errors when uploading pictures

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    I’m having trouble uploading pictures. I was able to upload one picture when using my computer at work, but I can’t seem to do it when using my home computer. I get three different error messages:
    1. ‘realTiny MCE’is undefined
    2. Object doesn’t support this property or method
    3. Syntax error
    I’m guessing this is an issue with my computer settings? The images I’ve tried to upload are smaller than 200kb and all have simple names (eg. map.jpg). On both computers I use internet explorer and windows xp.
    Any help or advice would be appreciated!



    Are you using thumbnails? And are you uploading them through WordPress or another place?



    I’m also having trouble uploading images tonight I believe it may be a server problem. There are now 3 different threads going on this subject.



    Thanks for the questions. I have tried using thumbnails and original picture. I am uploading them directly from my computer to WordPress. I tried again this morning and was able to upload one picture – the one I was trying to upload yesterday (Yay!). I was so pleased, that I tried another and ended up getting the same errors as before (aarrgghhh!).



    With the errors that are being reported in this thread, I would suggest the clearing out the cache method and forcing a reload of the page. Sounds like something’s on interacting between the page and TinyMCE. (The rich text editor) You may also want to switch over to the normal editor and see if that helps any. At least for the time being.



    I am able to upload pictures from the net, but they dont appear on the site. I have no way to upload pictures from the pc, that is pictures stored in my pc…So whats the solution?



    You haven’t been specific about whether your are trying to upload images to a page or post or to be displayed in a header or even a text widget. Being more specific you use the forum search box would probably lead to getting the help you need.

    POSTS and PAGES: Are you using the exact step by step procedure in the FAQs blog? Missing just a single step will result in failure Here’s the link

    TEXT WIDGETS – People frequently have problems uploading images and placing them in text widgets. Just in case this is your problem here’s the walk through: -> write post -> upload image -> send image to editor – > copy the entire image code -> presentation -> sidebar widgets – > text widget -> open text widget and paste in the image code – > save changes

    HEADERS – If your problem is with headers please use the search box as I did a walk through on this for another blogger yesterday.



    I have a real problem with uploading pictures clearly, thay usually come out on my site very fuzzy, I think too few pixels? A small percentage of them come through clear on both posts and pages…anybody have any suggestions?




    Are you shrinking your images inside the editor at all? That’s the first thing which springs to mind; if you try to resize your image to fit the post, then it just compresses it and you lose the quality and it starts to look distorted. It’s best to format your pictures to a desired size before you upload them, or to go to somewhere like Flickr which gives you several different sizes without it affecting the quality.

    Do you have a link to one of your posts so we can see? I clicked your username but it didn’t look like that blog has been updated in some time, unless it’s a private blog?



    {wave to cjwriter}
    Like cjwriter I’m guessing you have another private blog and this post is about it. Perhaps this may be helpful optimizing, pre-sizing and resizing images

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