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errors with the rich text editor in Firefox/IE

  1. Whenever I try to use the rich text editor in WordPress with Firefox/IE/Opera, while it is loading the page, it directs itself, for some reason, to:

    And when I hit back, it just does the same again, thus not allowing me to use the editor. Is this a known bug, or something?

  2. Never heard of this.

  3. It happens in Opera too, by the way. But after hitting back, it stops.

  4. Am i the only one with the problem? The weird thing is, is that it happens in all the browsers, and with the rich text editor only.

  5. Maybe you have some sort of other program modifying the javascript, like Norton or something.

  6. here's a screenshot of the javascript errors I get in Firefox:

  7. Well my rich text editor has gone walk-about, its totally missing, it was working last week, but since its been coming and going. :( duno what to do.

  8. Turn it off and use the normal editor. You'll have better control over your text and code anyway.

  9. I'm having the same problem as cgsprite--the rich text editor is just gone

  10. Seems to be two problems at play here:

    1/ IE doesn't like the attempt to fetch from within a https:// page.

    2/ The various scripts within the page do not always load in the same order. This could be fixed by using the defer="defer" tag judiciously to ensure that the browser doesn't start trying to execute dependent code until all loading is done.

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