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Escapism through Hobbies

  1. My very fist post. Its probably too new as of yet. But I plan to perservere! Escapism is a hobby of mine and Im rather good at it if I do say so myself. :)

    My introduction: Howd I do?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. good start keep it up, first of all click and copy your blog url and go to dashboard, personal settings, account detail's, web site and paste your url there and save, it saves posting your url, people just click midaevalmaiden above member.

    good luck

  3. Will do, penshioner, THANKS!

  4. I liked how you themed your blog, its nice. dribblingpensioner is right. keep at blog, its a nice way to keep your a record of your life.

  5. hey thanks agaaquino29. Im still tweaking that theme. Ive had to make some changes.

    All Language is a Relavent Nonsense (Japanese is no exception)

  6. Today I composed my About Me page for this personal blog. Its still a work in progress. Im lookin for blog buddies too. :)

  7. hi sara, could you add me to your blogroll i added you to mine

  8. consider yourself added my friend.

  9. i like it Sara. keep up the writing

  10. @dribblingpensioner (warm smiles) Actualy, sarcasm is one of my favorite forms of humor. I just dont have the guts to use it on wordpress. Feel free to be 'humerous' with me anytime.. youl not offend me. I like spice!

  11. @lifewith4cats, i think you are writing this reply as your other self :) i like dry, sarcastic humor, but unlike you i don't like the spice girl's

  12. @dribblingpensioner Perhaps someone should inform the Spicegirls that they are exluding a very large part of the poulation. I vote for another new spice girl. How does.. Prunespice sound?

  13. oh how i miss the 90s! the boybands and girlbands and jeans!

  14. @midaevalmaiden, but what about hotspice

    @noirciplume, oh how i miss the sixties, all live music, big show bands, drain pipe trouser's, teddy boy hair cut's, knuckle duster's, scooter's, cheap to go out, they were the day's

  15. sounds like heaven :)

    WP community should all get together and build a time machine!

  16. Escape: Through Blogging Or:
    Trying to write 2 bloggs, is like a ball and chain.

  17. @midaevalmaiden, i read your post, peer pressure is a terrible thing for young people outside the home and on social site's.
    I was on 3 social site's and left them i could not be bothered with them, but i remain a member of 5 forum's i enjoy them more, even if there's cat's about :)

  18. @pensioner, Do you recomend any good forums for a wandering barefoot waif? I mean other than the one I already know about thats a secret? Send out one of those B52 bomber thingies to me.

  19. i help out in a pc help forum, i'm a moderator in a Space and Science forum, i'm a member of a forum about FREE forum's, i answer question's on the yahoo forum, i'm a member of the W.O.T. forum, i'm a member of the blogsufer forum.

    what type of forum are you looking for.

    you could start your OWN forum about cat's and i would think it would do very well, i can help you set it up :)

  20. Sara, this is my forum but i'm thinking of folding it and starting another one as there are very few joining it :(

  21. It would be a shame to shut it down. Can't something be done?

  22. Hi Sara,nothing can be done, if it get's no member's or post's that i can answer , then the search engine's will not pick the site up, etc, etc.

    i might just let it tick over and start a new one, let's know if you fell like starting one

  23. mental illness, pride, and homelessness. A true story -part 2

  24. harrythehandyman

    thats some writing in 4 day's Sara but it all looks great

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