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Escapism through Hobbies

  1. Thanks Harry, I was a lot of work.

  2. Rockhounding the Ebay way
    Find out what Shakespear and cavemen have in common with rocks.

  3. The Jade Dragon ship. an introductory post about how to shop in an Asian grocery store if your a white girl who can't speak the language.



    hmmm why the first one was not a link I do not know. But here it is again The Jade Dragon Ship

  5. I just now realized I hadn't subscribed to your blog. I was wondering why you weren't writing very often. Mom fog brain, what can I say. I love this blog, by the way. Very interesting.

  6. heheh yeah, Thats happened to me before.

  7. I think it came from a Native American or even a Cave man. But with my luck, it came from a flower child of the 60s who stopped behind a bush to water a tree.

  8. KEWL! I'm also a collector of oddities. :)

  9. To bare the soul with thoughts of Killing, Faith, and Osama bin laden.

  10. Photos of the Garden plus some wild, edible, medicinal Lore.

  11. The day we stop playing is the day we begin to Die.
    a fun funny post. Come visit

  12. a Saga Baladeer wrote about me. Come check it out! He is amazingly creative.

  13. I escape by knitting and surfing the internet.

  14. How to Kill a Poet.

    Whant to be blog buddies? Stop over for a visit. All are welcome.

  15. I came and read and left a comment. I'm sorry introductions turned you off to Blake. I studied his poetry too and expressed a different point of view than yours in my comment. As I cannot see well today and my app is not working if I made any typos I cannot see them. I would appreciate it if you corrected any you find for me.

    Two of my escapes are greenhouse gardening and container gardening. I love growing veggies, herbs, and flowers too. it. Soon I will be able to bring all the little transplants out and plant them on my deck.

  16. hi TiTi, Container gardening is so cool!

    At least with me you need never ask, I know of your eye problem and I always fix your typos automaticaly. I wish everyone would fix typos automaticle as Im a pretty bad speller when Im in a hurry. :)

    Heres my latest post: Accelerated Learning, Youth, and the Cost Thereof.

  17. I love this one too. Commented :)

  18. How not to plant Potatoes. Gardening mistakes.

    p.s. thanks @sayali611 :)

  19. Recurring dreams, a palm reader, and a testing of faith. A true story.

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