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esquire graphics: need to eliminate the black line in the middle

  1. Hello,
    is there anyone that can help with this issue: I would like to eliminate the black line that is in the graphic of Esquire theme (maybe converting in white so that become invisibile. or making it a little more thin?

    is there anywone that knows how to do it?

    thanks for a reply.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi ceramichepuzzo,

    I just want to double check that you're referring to the small horizontal black line that appears below the "Short URL" and "Commenti" links at the bottom of the page as well as inside the left-side navigational bar?

    If so, then you can delete it by going to the themes style.css file and navigating to the following code snippet:

    .bar {<br /> background: url(img/bar.png) no-repeat 0 100%;<br /> margin-bottom: 7.5em;<br /> overflow: hidden;<br /> padding-bottom: 25px;<br /> }

    Delete the following line in this snippet:

    background: url(img/bar.png) no-repeat 0 100%;

    This will delete both instances of this black line on the page.

  3. siobhyb, thanks for chiming in! You can simplify the background line by just setting it to "none":

    background: none;

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