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Esquire theme has trouble in showing fonts and latex images

  1. Hi all. I use TwentyEleven theme with 'inline css' on my blog and just tried to move over Esquire theme. When previewing the theme, I saw two surprising problems.

    • The first problem was about fonts. As I told above, I use inline css, because I think serif fonts like Times New Roman are best for math writing.(Esquire is also serif font theme.) Anyway When previewed, I saw this [ ].
      {Excuse me, If you're thinking that this may happen accidentaly at one post, then please note that this happened at several posts.}
    • Again, exploring more pages resulted as, a problem in latex viewing. [ ]

    I am not very serious about changing the theme. But I think, these problems are not good for the reputation of this awesome theme. Also notice that the yellow background is not following my Blog Title.
    Browsers I used: Mozilla Firefox 5.1, Chrome, IE8, Opera 11.50

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Thanks for the feedback and notes, wpgaurav.

  3. Tried again and found no improvements. How much time will it cost? Does it need to remove all inline css? BTW those inline css codes look good in twentyeleven.

  4. Yes, avoiding inline CSS would help if you want to use Esquire.

    We don't have plans to make any changes, but we'll keep your feedback in mind for a future update to the theme.

  5. Thanks. But I am pretty sure that the latex problem will remain same. [Why?] Once I used this theme on my other blog 'Problem Reel' (no inline css there), and similar happened with Large LaTeX images. Short images rendered easily. [Wisely, I should test the theme there.]

  6. HI.. Removing Inline CSS didn't worked too.

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