EST Time Zone & Blog Stats not working correctly

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    I live in north carolina and have my utc set at -5. I think -5 is correct for EST. However, my blog doesn’t keep stats correctly. It will be 6pm my time & my blog is already keeping stats for the next day. How can I fix this problem?

    The blog I need help with is



    If you look at the bottom of the Stats page, you’ll see a note that Stats run on GMT. No way to change it.


    so how can you get an accurate count of people that visited your blog each day?


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    You could move to London. Then your stats would change every day at midnight.

    Or you could remember that WordPress works world-wide and the clock they run on is GMT. Midnight/change to a new day is the same every day, GMT or Universal Time Convention (UTC).

    “…how can you get an accurate count of people that visited your blog each day?”
    It is the same 24 hours, everyday. There is nothing magical about the date changing at midnight in your particular time zone. With WordPress, and the world in general, it is always the same 24 hours and you just have a different midnight from the standard on wordpress.


    WoW, 1tess your a pretty smart person. I had no idea that London & the US are on the same 24hr everyday. Hmmmm, thanks smart ass! Go FurSelf!



    My solution is to run with Google Analytics tracking on my blog (as well as the WP blog stats). Google Analytics is free and easy to set up. There is also a wordpress plugin to make setting things up really easy.

    GA lets you set the timezone for your stats, and tells you lots of other interesting information about your visitors.

    Hope that helps


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    Yours is a WordPress.ORG blog. Your solution is not applicable to WordPress.COM. We can not use Google Analytics because it uses code we have not access to. To give or get appropriate advice, you should be over at :

    More details here:

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