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    I am new to wordpress and would like to add my Etsy store to my blog. On etsy, there is an “etsy mini” code which allows to you to copy and paste the widget code onto your blog. The trouble is, when I go to appearance > widgets, I only see the option to use premade widgets. I am no tech genious that’s for sure. Any suggestions or support would be a huge help. Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is


    The Etsy Mini code doesn’t appear to work with at this time, (I see a few other posters have requested this functionality to be included in the future,) but I I did find this tutorial:

    I haven’t tired it myself but the blogger who created it has a sample on her site and it looks like other have successfully used her process as well.


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    Your link is only for WordPress.ORG and will not work here!!!

    These forums are here to help folks using WordPress.COM.

    Please understand that there are different flavors of WordPress which are as separate and distinct as pickles and ice cream:





    whilst the etsy mini code doesn’t seem to work here you can add a badge that works as a link… not the best I know but at least it links. To do it just go to your shop then scroll down to promote on the left of the screen and choose off site. You generate a code the same as etsy mini and copy and paste.

    I’m probably stating the obvious but I hope this helps someone xx


    Thanks I actually did not know that – I will check that out!



    Quoting justjennifer:

    Currently a workaround that some of us are using is to simply take a screenshot of our Etsy shop or favorites, crop it and add the image to an image widget with the link going to your shop or favorites page. You can learn more about using the Image widget here:


    Oh great idea- thank you!



    You`re w welcome. I used the forum tag search utility and it took 4 seconds to get the answer.

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