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    All stats screens display a non-compliant format for very most countries in Europe. For example, the scale of Stats is 20,000 …… 50,000 instead of 20.000 …… 50.000 or views, posts, likes etc. are 10,500 instead of 10.500. We see the statistics a thousand times smaller and do not understand how visitors could access only a piece of ours site content.
    Am sure for this translation (in my language): number_format_thousands_sep


    it is


    but does not affects stats at all.
    Maybe, after celebrating New Year’s Eve and you will consider us.
    Thanks and a Happy New Year!



    Thanks for the report, Dan.
    We’ll get back to you as soon as we resolve the issue.



    Hi Dan! This issue is finally fixed. Thank you for your report, and sorry it took some time!

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