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Even Calendar without plug in?

  1. Hey,

    I am trying to create an events calendar for my blog but have been unable to do so. I was trying to add wpng's plugin but quickly realized that I don't have a plugin section in my admin area. I assume this is because I am using the free service.

    Is there anyway I can add an events calendar without a plugin? Is there anyway around this? I'm super broke and can't afford to pay for anything right now (bummer, I know)

    Thanks so mcuh

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Create and use a Google Calendar.

  3. This was my original intention; however, I can't insert the google calendar into my site without a plug in feature.

  4. Yes you can. Please follow the instructions that thesacredpath linked to above for free hosted blogs >

  5. Sorry, I assumed that the link was just going to go to google's calendar page. Silly me, I apologize.

    Thanks for the link, I had been searching for a while.

  6. Not to worry and best wishes with this. :)

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