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Even more WordPress Changes Coming?


    Quoting: WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg announces two new features coming to (the company’s hosted blogging platform) this week: search and related items. While Mullenweg is sparse on details, he says of the new features (at approx. 32:10) “you have to analyze the text and find the most relevant things … across more than 4 million posts per month.“


    I love the idea of being able to search across all blogs. That would be great and lead me to blogs I haven't encountered before.

    I'm not so sure about this Related Posts stuff. I hope it's optional. I have a nightmarish vision of some damned popup occurring when someone is reading one of my posts. Something like that awful Snap! popup.

  2. We will have to wait and see exactly what it is. I was going to watch the video, but the guy in the middle is just too damned irritating.

  3. I saw someone else post a comment about the interviewer, so I too skipped the video.

    I just hope this will be given to us in a more orderly manner than the switch to 2.5 was!

  4. Nice!!! man That guy in the red shirt was annoying (in the Video)

  5. here is the article Search

    Spanish search
    English search

  6. I believe the Related Items is going to be like the plugin on blogs, in that at the end of each post there will be maybe four links to blog posts that use the same tags.

    DEAR GOD please let those be LOCAL. I do not want the links to pimp out other people's blogs. I'm a Socialist, sure, but even we have our limits.

    Still, not putting money either way at this point. I'd say it's 50/50.

  7. If it's not LOCAL, they better give me a way to turn it off.

  8. That's what people said about categories, remember?

  9. Yes, I do remember. I could be snarky here.

  10. That is MY job!

    What do you want to bet that the search function turns out to be precisely as useless as the forum search is right now? Either that or the search function's loss of functionality is somehow related to implementing this search across Dear god, if forum threads turn up in "Related" I'm going to smash this damn computer right through the bars on the window and the orderlies won't like that.

  11. You can try out the search function yourself here:

    Let us know how useful it is. It's a dedicated search engine built by people who specialize in that. The forum search is not in the same league.

  12. Your search did not match any blog posts. Whoa.

    Amusing. It's a pretty good search, but I'm guessing that it doesn't include comments? I typed "AA GILL ALBANIA" in and got nothing, despite the fact that my thread on AA Gill which has over 100 comments has a LOT about Albania in it, all in the comments section.

  13. Actually, I used the search function today. I'd mentioned to a friend, almost in passing, a unique blog I read last year and, of course, she wanted the url. I knew it was here, entered the town involved and the subject. Bingo.

  14. Correct, it's post and page content only, comments aren't indexed. There are no immediate plans to index comments but we'll consider it once post searching is stable.

  15. Aaaaaand yes, it's local related posts AND global related posts.

  16. ... and you can turn it off for your blog.

  17. Yes and no. You can turn the WHOLE thing off, but you cannot turn off just the global WP links.

    If you want to remove the related posts from your blog entirely, just go to Design > Extras and check the box to do so. But if you remove related posts from your blog we’ll remove you from other people’s blogs, so you won’t get traffic from that.

  18. Um, it seems that "possible related posts" really aren't related at all :(

    I'm going to leave it on for a few days and see if it gets any better.

  19. Rather than add more newe features, they should fix all the current BUGS first :-((((

  20. Rather than add more newe features, they should fix all the current BUGS first :-((((

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