Even With Upgrade, Music Isn’t Uploading

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    I’ve been looking all over the Forum for an answer to this problem but haven’t it yet. I’m hoping somebody can offer advice. I bought the upgrade for one of my blogs, http://whatimdoingrightnow.wordpress.com/, thinking it would make it easy for me to add music to a post. The problem is that none of the songs I’ve tried will upload. Do I need to do something else, like add the WordPress Audio Player (whatever that is)?
    I tried uploading directly from my computer, CDs, and even ripped songs and then burned them to a my own CD in the hopes that would work. All the music is legal but none of it is uploading. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?



    What format is the music in? It has to be one of the file formats WP.com supports. And yes, you need to add the audio player; the audio player is what allows the music to be played, rather than just downloaded.



    The music has been in the supported formats that WP lists, and I did read the FAQ on it, which is why I chose #2, the upgrade. But I haven’t added the audio player so I guess that’s the problem. I’ll try and find the audio player. Thank you very much, I’ll go look for it.



    You don’t have to “add the player” (which is why I linked the FAQ). All you have to do is know the location of the file and use the format [audio url-of-file] (without the hypens, of course). The player comes up automatically.


    Thank you for clearing this up. I read the FAQ but I guess I didn’t understand it. Thank you again.

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