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    I created a blog and made it mimic a website for a bridal show hosted at my Inn. I set up all my registration through Eventbrite. I tried copying the embed code and pasting it into my blog on the page I wanted. The actual information does not show up at all. The only think that shows up in the copyright information with a link to the actual site. Both WordPress and the Eventbrite sites say you can embed it. Do I have to upgrade to pro in order to make this work?
    Blog url: http://jaibridal.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is jaibridal.wordpress.com.



    WordPress.org and WordPress.com are separate and different. You can post the Eventbrite embed code on a self hosted WordPress.org install but not on a free hosted WordPress.com blog. The software here strips the code out for security reasons.

    raincoaster says:

    I use Eventbrite and just link to the page. It works well enough, but registrations are lower than if you could embed the registration form right in the site. https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/setting-up-cc-payment-on-wordpresscom?replies=3#post-744600



    And the upgrade to pro will not make any difference.



    Thanks for that important addition. I’m beginning to add it to almost every answer I post now.

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