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    First, Kj’s Space is my blog, but I am also the web manager for the Dance department website at my college. They are in the process of transitioning over from Druple to wordpress.

    Right now we have a google calendar that was embedded directly into the old site. We need this calendar because it lists all courses, PE classes, and events for the dance department. Right now it seems that it is impossible to embed a google calendar because it is an iFrame.

    Do you have any suggestions for how we can use some sort of calendar in wordpress? At this point I have no information about whether it will be self hosted or otherwise. I am just trying to plan ahead since it is pointless to spend hours putting the google calendar together for next year if it isn’t usable anyways.


    The blog I need help with is



    There are no embeddable events calendars we can use on blogs. They all run on codes that the software will strip out here to preserve security as we are on a multiuser blogging platform.

    There is a Google Calendar workaround you can use found here



    I’d also like to urge you to read the differences between free blogs from wordpress.COM being free hosted by wordpress.COM, and free software downloads from wordpress.ORG before you make your decision



    Thanks for the input. Because the college has control over the choice of website, I have no say. I am really hopeful that they are using the self-hosted downloaded software. Otherwise, they have just caused me some major headaches. I’ll shoot off an email to the campus tech guys and see what they say.

    Thanks again!



    @FJ You dont need to download the .org software most hosting companys have a 1 click install you can use. Also there are many companies out there offering Free single domain wordpress hosting. You need a domain but other than that its free. Not suitable for a large installation though.





    You’re welcome.

    Well said.

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