Events type calendar that works w/out plugin?

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    Is there such a thing? I believe that Google calendar does not work with worpdress. Seems the only FAQ type answers I find are about the simple posting calendar widget.

    I’m trying to post a page that is a calendar of foodie events so I can keep my Gourmet Food readers and my Leather District Gourmet readers apprised of all kinds of fun food and wine events, classes, festivals, etc.

    Any help out there?

    Jacqueline Church



    Google calendar cannot be embedded in WordPress. But it can be linked to, and that’s what I’d recommend.

    Your only other alternative is making a table in HTML and filling in and changing the dates every month, making each date a link to a static page or post in your blog or an event page elsewhere. Huge pain in the butt.



    I wonder if Google calendar could be used with Vodpod?


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