Ever After colour/headings are in capitals

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    Apologies as I’m pretty new to this, however I have set up a site with the Ever After theme and have a couple of questions please. At the moment, all of the headers are all in capitals which is a pet hate of mine. Is there any way of changing it? For example, the most recent blog post, the title is “IS THIS THING ON?” whereas I would like it to be “Is this thing on?”. The same goes for the widget headings, “recent posts” instead of “RECENT POSTS” etc.

    I’ve paid $30 for the customisation, but I can’t seem to change the font colour anywhere on it besides clicking the kitchen sink button in each individual post. I also can’t see if there’s any way of changing the turquoise ribbon to another colour.

    Sorry if these are all really obvious things, and thanks.

    The blog I need help with is learningtostitch.wordpress.com.

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