Ever After theme custom design options with out base color

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    Hello, I’m considering to use the custom design of the Ever After theme but i can’t find there the option, which i saw in other theme, changing what you call the base color. is it not included or i just missed it ?

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    The blog I need help with is orittest8.wordpress.com.



    Howdy! You can change the background color by going to Appearance -> Backgrounds, removing the existing background image, and changing the color to your desired color.

    To change other colors in the theme, like links or text, you’d need the Custom Design upgrade.

    I hope this clears things up!



    Thank you sixhours (:
    i’m talking about the use of the custom design. when i use the preview of it – there is no way how to change the base color (the background of the content area ) as i found at the Confit theme as a sample. i know it will be there when i’ll upgrade for custom design – but i want to test it by the preview option before i decided to pay the 30$.
    Thanks again (:


    The Custom Design upgrade has a colors feature that let’s you change the base background color, but not necessarily the color behind the content container. Which colors change depends on each theme’s setup. You can test out the colors feature by going to Appearance → Custom Design → Colors.

    If you pick out a color palette and the content container color doesn’t change, you can still change the background color behind posts by using a little custom CSS. Here is an example for the Ever After theme:

    #page {
    	background: #cff;

    Update the color code to a color of your choice.



    Tthanks designsimply. i know i can change the background of the content by changing the css as you paste to your response. i’m talking about the preview mode of the css custom design – there is no option to change it there, option that i saw in other theme.


    I think you’re thinking of the Appearance → Custom Design → Colors tools (and not the CSS editor), right?

    Not every theme is the same. Which colors and background colors are changeable by the built in custom colors tools varies by theme. So it’s possible the custom colors tool will change the content area background color in some themes and not others.



    Thank you very much designsimply. yes, that is what i meant .


    Okay, sounds like you just happened to get a theme that has a color profile that doesn’t update the content container area. In that case, using custom CSS for that part is the way to go! :)

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