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    After spending my whole day searching, I still am unable to figure out if I can add a sidebar to a theme that doesn’t include one. I have the premium upgrade so I can edit css, but I am not sure if that allows your to do things like add a sidebar or not?

    Along with that, I discovered how to change my actual content width, but it isn’t changing the white area behind it. I would like all of that to shrink a bit so you can see more of the background if possible.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    The blog I need help with is fromthehorsesmouth.me.


    Hi there, the easiest way to change the width on the Ever After theme is to adjust the maximum width in #page. Add the following CSS and adjust the 978px value to your liking.

    #page {
    max-width: 978px;

    With some themes, you can move one of the footer sidebars up and into place beside the content, but on responsive width themes, such as Ever After (design and width of theme changes for the device/browser window width it is being viewed on) it is difficult to do since position absolute has to be used and that means that the moved element doesn’t flow and shift with the other elements of the web page.



    Does anyone know how I remove the post reply from home page and other pages?


    @grantx01, in the future, can you start a new thread when the subject differs? It helps to prevent confusion for those coming to the forum threads in the future. Many thanks in advance.

    The following CSS will remove the comment bubble at top right on posts and pages, and on the home page.

    .comments-link {
        display: none;

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