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Ever wanted to be a critic? I'd love to hear some criticism (it's a music blog).

  1. So I've been blogging for a little over a month or so now and I think I've got a decent groove going on with a solid amount of material to back it... I'm just looking for some feedback, how am I doing, what do you think, how could it be better... things of the sort.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Your site is easy to read and features a nice variety of looks at different artists, instruments and music technology. To some degree I think you've misnamed the blog "Tonal Discord", because if the material you've posted is consistent with your preferences, you prefer tension and release and harmony to dissonance or discordance.

    The one thing I would do to improve the quality is stop automatically passing through those "spam" comments, like the ones from bozos saying stuff similar to "I liked your blog" just so they can link back to their site selling Zumba shoes etc. You are being used by marketers. If you haven't installed the Akismet widget, do so. It catches those bogus comments.

  3. Thanks for the advice... I actually do have the akismet thingy working I just thought it was confused the first few times until I realized why it was blocking said comments... So I told it it was wrong for blocking them back before I realized it actually had pretty decent reasons for blocking... So already on that, just haven't gotten around to re-deleting them yet.

    Just out of curiosity, did you read the "about this site" page? Because I feel as though my rational was pretty solid even if I maybe have not yet had the time to demonstrate the discordance in my tastes (as the title is supposed to be referring to the spectrum of music I enjoy as opposed to the style of music).

  4. I did, the word you intended to use was "rationale", and no, you are still using the word discordance incorrectly. Your taste is wide, broad, varied, and not really random. Even though your taste has that wide swing, the examples are not in conflict with each other, which they would have to be to be in discord.

    It's okay. You're more of a music guy than a word guy. I enjoyed spending time at your place!

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