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    I tried to turn on comments at my blog (“allow comments” is ON, “must fill email”, “must approve” and “must have approved” are OFF), and then I tried adding a couple of random comments, but all of them went to Akismet spam! Of course I can manually mark them as “not spam”, but I don’t like the idea that everything goes to spam… May it be that akismet detected my first comment as spam (because it was gibberish) and then marked all the rest as spam because they’re from the same IP? Or what may be the problem?


    Akismet seems to have had a bit of a freak out yesterday.
    i added a real comment as a logged in admin, and got marked as spam.



    While Matt won’t give us details of how Akismet scores, my money is on your IP address not having a reverse DNS label on it. Another lookup tells me that your entire range of IP address are not assigned to anyone.

    Would love to know who your ISP is. They’re in viloation of over a dozen RFCs.



    Not as bad for me but all comments I add are marked as spam and I have to de-spam each one manually. Is there a setting to avoid this or is my ISP (Force9 aka PlusNet) to blame?



    I don’t see anything wrong with your IP address and I’m not familiar with your ISP. *shrug* Best bet would be a feedback with links to your past comments. Staff might be able to tell you something.

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