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Every time I post, I'm also posting a Comment to myself...just started happening

  1. I don't know if this is a support issue or something that is just a fluke but for some unknown reason, every time I post something it automatically also submits my own post as a Comment!

    This just started happening today. Of course, I can go in and delete all the Comments (waiting for my approval) but I'm afraid I might also delete the post if I do that. Should I be concerned?

    At the very least it's annoying and obviously should not be happening.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are you sure these are comments, or are they pingbacks to posts that you have linked to within your new post?

  3. Okay, well clearly I don't know what a "pingback" is. Maybe they are. I mean, I did put links at the end of my posts to more of my posts, but they are appearing as comments that need to be moderated. And my email In Box is now filled with emails requesting that I approve or disapprove them.

    So, are you saying that every time I insert a link within a post to another one of my posts this is going to happen?

    I imagine then it's okay to trash these?

  4. Yes, that is going to happen, and yes, those are pingbacks. You can trash them, just don't send them to Spam.

  5. Okay ... got it! By the way, on the subject of Spam (and pardon my ignorance) but is Akismet a free service included with Word Press? Because they seem to be automatically taking care of all the spam that is coming my way. (Weird things that some of these people post, I have to say.)

  6. Automattic owns Akismet as well as and all of our blogs are equipped with Akismet.

  7. Okay, nice to know the relationship there. Thanks!

  8. @Jenni
    You're welcome. :)

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