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every time i try to log on i have to reset password...super annoying

  1. mothermetalbird

    Every time i try to log on, it says my userid is taken(or something like that) i have to keep restting my password! what's up with that?super frustrating
    Blog url:

  2. Specifically, where are you trying to log in at, and what username are you using?

  3. mothermetalbird

    hi! I'm new to all this. It's a requirement for class. Tutor Musings 2.0. I can log in only after going to link on reset email, then sometimes I don't even have to reset- I just hit "log in". Another girl from class told me that's what she has to do as well. "Mothermetalbird" Thanks for any help you can give. -Over 50 from the easier world of pinball and 8-tracks : )

  4. Oh, well the reset email will of course reset your password everytime you use the link.

    Instead, just log in at

  5. mothermetalbird

    Wow! I just logged on from there and no problem. Thanks so much!. . . now can you help with my Stats 200 homework?..haha. Have a great day : )

  6. You're welcome!

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