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EVERYTHING DELETED after name change!

  1. I had a blog, mediaframeofmind and I was updating it for months but then I changed it's name and everything disappeared and I had no posts on it. The blog was very important cause it's a part of my Cambridge exam and I need the posts and theme to come back. PLEASE HELP ME OUT im literally in tears right now.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hey there,
    To clarify: Did you change the theme on your blog and the content disappeared?


  3. Yes! This just happened to me. I changed only the name, and it just deleted everything…
    No warning whatsoever. Same URL.

  4. @ sweetzinnias and hundalhussain
    Please post the URLs of your blogs?

    @ sweetzinnias
    Did you follow these instructions?

    I will tag this for staff attention. Until they respond, please let me know if anything changes.


  5. Hello Hundal,

    Is this your current blog -

    I'm seeing 4 blog posts published with no content in them. Are you missing something else? If so, can you provide me the titles of these blog posts and the dates when you might have published them? This will help me investigate further.

    Hey Joni,

    I took a look at your account but could not find records of you changing the name of your blogs. Can you tell me what blog this is and to what name you change it to?

    Thank @mindelson for the help!

  6. @druesome
    You're welcome! Have a nice day. =)

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