Everything is gone. Need help!

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    I tried to change the name of my blog.
    I did this under “Dashboard/My blogs” and then “Change blog adress” under the blog I wanted to rename.
    I typed in the new name and under “Matching username” I checked “Create a new user to match the new blog name.”
    I left “Yes, please permanently disable pappansomkallaspeter.wordpress.com” unchecked.

    When I went back to the blog everything was gone… and there was nothing in the new blog. What has happened and is there any way that I can retrive everything I’ve been writing so far? I’ve tried to log in with my old username but it doesn’t work. It’s as if the username is deleted.

    The blog I need help with is peterarildsson.wordpress.com.


    All of a sudden everything was back. The only thing that didn’t come back was the Theme but that is not a problem. Thank god!
    And now I’ve even learned to make safetycopies :-)

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