Everything Moves when I click on the title

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    When I click on the Title of the blog, for instance: “10 Minutes Prior Rule” or “Share Your Story” everything below it moves down like half an inch. Then, when I click on “Continued” it moves back up to where it’s supposed to be. It’s hard to explain, but if you go there and do it, you’ll see.

    Thanks in advance!



    I had a look and I don’t see anything that strange; when I click on the post title or continue it takes me to the post page, which is what I’d expect. I think you’re in the wrong forum, though. You look like you’re self-hosted using WordPress.org, which works differently to our blogs on WP.com. If you go to http://wordpress.org/support/ they might be able to help.


    Don’t click on it… just put the mouse over it.. you will see what I mean.

    Thanks! :)


    (I know… wrong topic.. should say when I “highlight” the Title)



    It’s still fine for me when I hover over it; nothing moves or shifts down. It might be a browser issue; perhaps you’re using a different browser which is causing it? If you go over to http://wordpress.org/support/ they should be able to help you track it down.


    Yes I posted the question, thank you!



    I have this problem from time to time, and only on certain blogs. I ONLY have it in Firefox, though, so I’m thinking it’s a browser issue, not a WordPress issue per se.

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