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Everything on My Site and Blog Has Been Deleted!

  1. I have many pages and many blogs and they are all gone. Does anyone know what this would happen or how I can undo this?

    The only thing I have done recently is posting a blog and adding a wordpress application on my I-Pod touch. What would cause this?

    Any help would be very much appreciated.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. All mine have disappeared as well!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mine too! What the heck...hope they figure this out pronto

  4. Mine as well... I can still see the texts in Edit though... Hope they'll fix it soon!

  5. virginiatrailschristine

    Our posts/photos are gone, too. I can see titles and tags... that's all.

  6. kingswindowcleaning


    i see my info on my dashboard but not the site...

  7. woah! it's back to normal now!

  8. I can't say what caused this but if you had a page structured blog, rather than a post structured one you could have caused this by changing the Front Page to a static page and changing the running page for your posts to another page, rather than appearing on your blog's front page. As this is the second similar issue that has been posted by a blogger using the Vigilance theme today it's also possible that Staff are tweaking the theme in the background and something they changed affected your blog negatively. Please use this link to contact Staff directly >

  9. Mine's fine now too. What happened?

  10. mine are gone too..visible only in Edit mode.....what is going on?

  11. conservationcandy

    ACK! I'm not sure if I am relieved to see that others are having the same problem or not. All photos and posts here have also disappeared and can just see the titles/tags. See things fine in the Edit window though. Fingers crossed some insight/assistance can be posted asap.

  12. I'm speculating that Staff ie. the Theme Team are tweaking the Vigilance theme in the background and something they changed affected your blogs negatively.

  13. mine too!!!!! I think is a wordpress problem guys!!
    Everyone are having the same problem.
    For me, my website in admin content is ok.. but for public.. nothing.. just title of pages.. and posts...
    crazy ; )

  14. Export your blog to an xml file, just in case. It seems WordPress has fudged the tables used to present the content of posts, if you edit any of them you'll see everything is still there.

  15. conservationcandy

    Yup ... back online again as well just as I hit Return.

  16. It's back.

  17. HEY GUYS!!!

  18. NOTICE
    All bloggers using the Vigilance Theme and posting to this thread because they are experiencing these problems, please report your details directly to Staff, as Volunteers answering forum questions cannot help you but they can.

  19. back to normal again, but this ain't no joke, guys!

  20. And it's not the Vigilance theme, I have The Journalist 1.9.

  21. @andyash
    There is a similar thread on the forum with bloggers experiencing problems with the Connections theme and the Misty Look theme as well. Thanks for providing the name of the theme you are using.

    Also do not panic. All of your data is safe. has many, many redundant servers and they backup everything religiously.

    If you prefer not to send in support tickets then finding something else to do for awhile may be the way to go.

  22. @timethief
    Thanks for reassuring. Hope the Team knows what they are doing. Besides, Windows Love Writer saves every post on my computer - only back posting 1700+posts in case of something nasty is kind of hard if reasonable at all. But so far, everything is back to normal. ))

  23. @andyash
    That's the benefit of using an offline blog editor ie. a backup of every post on your own computer. Seriously though, I have never yet heard of a case of losing our data in these last 4 years, and never expect to hear of one. You're welcome. :)

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