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Everything one big paragraph and my text and sidebar have turned bold

  1. 1. Everytime I save a post and go back to edit it all my paragraphs have been taken out - everything is just one big paragraph. I have to go through the entire post again and make paragraphs as appropriate.

    2. All the text on my sidebar and posts starting a few days ago have changed to a bold text. It's not a huge deal but it looks funny and bothers me.

    The only thing I've been doing differently is adding posts from my old blog and modifying the date so they will be in the right order. Anything after the middle of January I think is from my old blog.


  2. lettershometoyou

    It looks OK to me. For the bold in the sidebar, there must be some coding for <b> somewhere near the top of the first widget - text or otherwise, that has not been closed with a </b>

    That happened with mine by accident, and I liked the look of it so much better, I kept it!

  3. If you are using Safari, the TinyMCE editor wordpress uses is not totally compatible with Safari and paragraph breaks will be stripped out. Some people (completely random) have also been experiencing this problem with Firefox and IE as well.

    If you are using Safari, download and use either the Firefox or Camino web browser or better yet, use an offline blog editor to create and publish your posts. There is a great review of them along with links here: .

    If you are using Firefox or IE and having your paragraph breaks stripped out, then I would strongly suggest downloading and using an offline editor.

    Perhaps one day the editor issues that cropped up a few months ago will be fixed, but in the mean time, get an offline editor and use it to create and publish your posts and save yourself the grief.

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