Everything stopped working this afternoon

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    I was working on my blog and suddenly I could not cut and past to the blog. What happened?

    The blog I need help with is whatdidyousay.org.



    Developers changed the way cut and paste works. It changed several weeks ago, though.

    If you are completely unable to write to the blog or cut and paste to it, you probably have a critical HTML error from pasting in junk HTML code with your copy/pastes. Go to the dashboard Settings->Writing page and select “WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML” and save. Then go to the dashboard Posts page and use the bulk editor to set all the most recent posts to Private, then back to Public. That should fix it.



    Got your explanation. Still not working right. Another problem. You keep telling me that I need to refresh Facebook and Twitter. Have tried repeatedly and I get the error message that their is a nuance missing.


    mrb562: The same cut/paste problem happened to me. After hours of chatting with WP “happiness engineers” yesterday, they advised me to install Maverick (Safari 7). Did that yesterday; it took over two hours. Cut/paste still did not work! Tried cut/paste this morning, still did not work.

    Talked to WP this morning; was told to click the “T” icon above the post. That worked. However, it’s just another step to do what was very easy before WP made whatever change they made to affect the cut/paste!

    Mentioned to the “engineers” that WP is responsible for the cut/paste issue, they were not aware of any changes. It’s obvious, after reading the numerous complaints about cut/paste not working, that WP is responsible for the cut/paste problem that so many are having! WP should let their “engineers” know!

    Try clicking the “T” to paste into your post. Hope this helps!

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