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Everything that I wrote has disappeared into thin air!

  1. I just wrote a post, clicked on "Publish Post" and then clicked to view it and there is just the title and that is it, the post has completely gone! I have tried finding a draft of it that would have been saved as I was writing it and I can find nothing of it whatsoever. I spent so long writing it. I saw that it autosaved many times, yet in the Revisions module there are only two other revisions available and they are both also empty. What has happened, where I can find my post!?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi,
    I am a newbie to WP.
    I don't know what happened but I can tell you how I write my blogs avoiding data loss.
    I blog with iPad and copy the article to the clipboard and then insert it into PlainText, an iOS-App which is connected to my Dropbox account. So I always have a backup of the source on an WP-independent storage.

  3. Hi there,

    I went in and rescued this post from the trash (but set it to private, so it won't show up on your blog). We will need it out there to check for it's history and see if we can dig anything up.

    Cheers, and I'll let you know how it goes!

  4. We just need a bit more info -

    Can you tell us what browser you're using, and what method you were using to post? Were you using the traditional "edit post" page (Dashboard > Post > New Post) or the NewDash (similar to where you see your Global Stats), or the top of the page post option, etc.

  5. Hi, I am using Google Chrome and I was using the tab that says New Post from the Home page. (The other tabs are reader, notifications, stats, my blog, and freshly pressed.) I'm sure I've used it before and there were no problems.

  6. Thanks for the clarification - I've passed it on to the internal team.

  7. Hi there Dogleish,

    Have you had this problem recur at all?

    Thanks and happy holidays!

  8. I used my iPod to write my latest entry which has been fine. I'll not be using the NewDash thing again just in case!

  9. I suggest you use an offline blog editor as doing that means you will have a backup of every post and page on your own computer.

  10. Hi dogleish,

    I'm glad you've hit on a solution that works for you. I do apologize again that you had this happen!

    I'm going to close this thread.

    Happy holidays all!

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