Everything’s gone FUBAR

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    I can’t update, or edit anything right now. The latest page I put up, won’t let me go back to edit. When I try to switch to “code” mode, the system freezes up.

    AND, in an on-going problem, when I save a post to edit, or post at a later date, it adds and strips out coding with no apparent logic.

    I chose WordPress because I am not a coder, nor interested in becoming one. I’m a writer. I should not have to spend 3 or 4 hours to “fix” posts that didn’t take nearly that long to research and write. This is getting beyond frustrating.



    Might help us help you if you gave us some specifics as to what you were using. It’s a frustration for us when folks don’t do that as we can;t help them.

    Browser, browser version, OS and any security programs please. Tell us specifically what you were using to write these posts, what code you’re trying to add in and is being stripped, etc, will go along way. Please remember that only you can see what you can see. We can’t.



    VERY, VERY basic HTML — normally, I write on a basic word processing program like Word or Sun’s “OpenOffice” and just carry over the text.

    Browser? I guess you mean Milenium (I know, but the computer was only a hundred bucks). I don’t see what difference that should make though. There was nothing in the wordpress documentation about this.

    When I go to edit from the dashboard, the thing loads very, very, very slowly. The coding will hang around for a while, then the visual screen comes up… then, if I do make basic changes (say, boldfacing something) the system is telling me that “if you leave this page, your changes will be lost)… which they are anyway.

    What’s a “security program?” This is just basic wordpress, and a basic computer with normal operating software. I have a girsoft (?) anti-virus program, but that shouldn’t affect anything.

    The only code I’m adding is a “[digg=xxxxxx] line and a line of text.

    This happens regularly, and as I said, the code changes follow no logic that I can follow.



    VERY, VERY basic HTML

    Need to see it though. What’s basic to you may be a security risk elsewhere. That may be why it’s being stripped. Word has a history of creating incorrect and invalid code.

    Can you post some of it here in between backticks please? That’s the key to the left of the ‘1’ key and above the tab on a standard PC keyboard.

    I have a girsoft (?) anti-virus program, but that shouldn’t affect anything.

    It might. That’s why I was asking. McAfee has been giving false positives around here lately.

    Ok, I need you to understand something though. I realize that you’re frustrated but I need you to answer my questions though. I’ve asked them for a reason and its frustrates me that I have to ask them again.

    Please do me a favor so I can help you. In your next post, please paste an example of the code inbetween backticks so we can see what you;re trying to do. Until you do that, we really can’t help you.

    Or put it this way: Please tell me what book I’m holding in front of the monitor right now. ;)

    I want to help but I need you to help me help you.



    Give us a direct link to an example where it messed up the code, too.

    You don’t need to be in the Code editor to use the [digg= thingy, in fact, you shouldn’t be. And Grisoft AVG doesn’t interfere with WordPress at all that I’ve been able to determine.


    I just lost the past half-hour’s worth of editing on a text widget. NOT AT ALL HAPPY. You need to take your db freeze at the exact point you roll out updates. Roll back – now – and do it again, properly this time.


    Stike that – make it at least an hour’s worth of editing I just lost. :(



    I wanted to check the code, because I’ve had situations where I’ve added the “[digg=xxx] thingy” before the end of a code “</font>” for example… which tends to get pushed down. Normally, when I write, I add something like “xxx” a few lines below the end so I can go back and add digg later.

    Obviously, I can’t show you code that’s been stripped out, then where I’ve gone back in and fixed things… which usually means simplifying something that shouldn’t have been complex in the first place.

    Typically, I’m quoting from a news or other article at length, so normally drop the original into OpenOffice, create a reasonable looking text — with the lengthy quote (which is normally redacted — paragraphs cut out, indicated by “…” — in a 10 point Arial typeface, indented 1/2 inch left and right (standard publication format).

    When the text is dropped into “wordpress” it SHOULD start the quoted block with “<p style=”margin-bottom: 0.2in; margin-left: 0.5in; margin-right: 0.5in”><font face=”Arial, sans-serif”><font size=”2″>” and end with </font></font></p>.

    What I’m finding is the end blocks will just move around — with no rhyme or reason — every time the text is saved … or even more maddening, it will ADD unwanted things like new line height code. This was a real problem for me, that took an hour to correct (going through the code line by line by line) and recompiling it, and getting NEW and IMPROVED screwups every time.

    I’ve found completely baffling code (ol, li, etc…. things I have no need for) added in willy-nilly to my documents, and in some cases have had to completely give up correcting them, leaving a crappy looking document.

    The annoying post that set this off was “http://mexfiles.wordpress.com/2007/05/04/talibama/” which when I go to edit (and it takes 3-5 MINUTES to bring up the edit screen) tells me “done, but with errors on page.” Well, hell, I already know that… it’s why I want to fix things!

    It won’t let me access the code page… or anything else. If I try to save, it tells me I’ll lose my changes … even if I haven’t made any changes.

    As I’ve said, this is an irregular (but highly maddening) problem. Sometimes things work, sometimes they don’t. But, I’m producing regular news/ information, not programming, and it seems the problems come up the worst on busy days… and on weekends.

    ALSO, the postings will sometimes take a good 5 minutes to “load”… I’ll hit the publish button, and sometimes absolutely nothing happens. If it does, it’ll be five minutes (I’ve timed it), and I get a “timed out” message, though the post has appeared, though it often locks up the explorer window.


    Sod all that. I’m back to where I started with my blog, I think. Look, I’ve worked in environments where I have sat next to the guy panicking when the db’s corrupted, and I know what it’s like (and then some – this was real-time feeds to London’s financial industry and I had to catch the phone as it flew across the room from irate clients). You screwed the widgets up last time you introduced new features such as the tag cloud. You just screwed things up again. You *need* a system whereby you can update without everything falling down. It needs two key depressions: one to freeze the db, and another to update. Your interface is great, your service is great, your support is great, your messages are great. But you have screwed up twice in the past month and that lessens my confidence. Take it from someone who knows: be more rigorous. This isn’t just a tech issue, it’s affecting your brand.



    Copy/paste with existing HTML tags or from Word has known problems, and we generally recommend that people paste things into a simple text editor like Notepad first, to strip those tags out completely. Do the formatting in the Write box, online. Or use something like Blogdesk that does that for you on your desktop.

    brendan, you need to send that to staff. The people in the forum are volunteers and bloggers like yourself; we aren’t the people who can change this for you. When you say “You” you are talking to people who aren’t here, and when you address US in this way we don’t feel so motivated to find you a workaround.


    Fair point, but when I go through the online support channels I end up here so I kind of figure that the support guys read this. But they’ve apparently shut down their support for the weekend, almost immediately after maintenance. When I ran websites my mantra was: Never Carry Out Maintenance On A Friday.

    I apologise for addressing fellow bloggers in that way. You have to understand: I just lost about an hour’s worth of work and I have no way to get redress.

    Thing is, I know what life’s like on the other side and my comments were addressed to the WordPress staff: “Sort out your update procedures cos you screwed up badly – twice.” Weren’t you affected by the Case of the Disappearing Widgets? I was, and they never reset properly. I had to rebuild them all. This kind of thing represents a real black eye for WordPress.

    If I were the scobleizer might I get listened to more maybe? Perhaps our wonderful, flat, interconnected blogosphere isn’t quite what it seems. I’m just some ghost with a small, whispy, ethereal voice.



    raincoaster wrote:

    “Copy/paste with existing HTML tags or from Word has known problems, and we generally recommend that people paste things into a simple text editor like Notepad first, to strip those tags out completely.”

    Won’t that defeat the purpose of putting things into a program like “Word” where I can see what the text is going to look like? I appreciate the help (though I sound more harried and grumpy than I should … or I AM more harried and grumpy than I realize!), but coming from print journalism, I think in terms of how a page looks in reality.

    If you’re saying to pick up the “bad” text from the wordpress edit box and take that over to “notepad”, manipulate it there, then move it back, it seems that you’ve added another layer of editing process.

    And, that whacked-out “Talibama” post is making me even more insane than usual. For whatever reason, I can’t access the thing in an “edit mode” at all. Or any mode, to pick it up, move it (and relink everything), blow away the old one and start over. That’s about the only way I can see to deal with it at this point.



    I rebuilt the worst post from scratch. The problem with taking that extra step of carrying over the text with the coding stripped out to “notepad” is that… well… ALL the coding is stripped out.

    While this would work with slightly off-code posts IF I could access the “CODE” function, it’s quite time consuming. For this extremely frustrating post, it was easier (and still very, very tedious) to repost from scratch, going through in the “CODE” screen paragraph by paragraph to build in the blocked quotes in Arial. The “blockquote” used by wordpress is italic, which is just not suitable for a newsy look and feel. And… on some things, where there are sub-headings, and a word or two in Spanish (and thus in italics), I really need to use a word processing program just to keep track of what the page is SUPPOSED to look like.

    This was a relatively simple post, which should not have taken 4 hours to straighten out. I ended up having to put in the coding (and the end of coding </xxx> paragraph by paragraph.

    I still find that everything is correctly coded (as far as I can tell) and then, when I publish… or save … coding is added or moved.

    I’d rather be pounding a keyboard than my head against the wall :-)



    @richmx. Some basics: When you say *won’t this defeat the purpose of using Word so you can see what things look like…* Here is what happens. The only thing a browser understands and wants to see on a page is markup and straight unadulterated text. How that text is formatted is upto the rules which are in the CSS (which if you purchase the upgrade you can edit). The meta info which Word adds is no use to you. In fact as pointed out it is positively harmful. You sound as if you have a pro writer background. Thats fine but web dev is different. It is a fine idea to use a text editor but it must be one that is suitable for the task. In the computer world that means an editor which does not add anything we do not know about behind the scenes. Even Notepad is suspect in this respect.



    richmx2: the thing is that wordpress does not work well at all with microsoft word. i know you’re using word so you have an idea how it’ll look like when you publish the post, but html and what is used in microsoft word to bold or italicise your words are totally different. that’s why it’s all messed up if you copy straight into your editor from word, and that’s why raincoaster suggested to copy to notepad to erase your boldings, or italicisings and the like.

    if you want them there without having to redo it all over in the wordpress editor, why not compose your post in the editor itself? otherwise you could download blogdesk as suggested by raincoaster. it’s received recommendations by several other wordpressers too.

    as for the coding being stripped out, i can’t help there since i’m not staff. but that shouldn’t happen at all. i’ve stopped using the rich text editor version since long ago, and i use the basic editor version where i can see all the tags in the editor itself. maybe you’d like to try that; at the very least you can see where and how your tags are. i hardly ever face editing problems this way. to get the basic text editor version, edit your profile (on the top right in dashboard, right next to the link to sign out). uncheck the box that allows the rich text editor.



    Rich, I suggest you never use Word at all for text you’re going to paste into WordPress, for the simple reason that it causes exactly the effects you’ve seen. That’s what it does and this is well-known and unavoidable. 404 is 100% right.

    So the best way to avoid all those nasty, unpredictable errors is not to use Word at all (and never paste directly from the web: use Notepad or some other formatting-free intermediary). Do your formatting on the web, using either the code editor or the visual editor, whichever you’re more comfortable with.



    And OT it is not only WP. Nothing *works well* with Word.



    brendanagainetc, you also need to stop hijacking other people’s threads as it’s rude, both here and in real life. I’ve seen people get slapped for what you’ve done. You also need to explain what you’re doing as you’ve told us nothing to go on. We don’t mind helping but 1) Learn some manners, and 2) please explain what you’re doing. Rudeness to us volenteers just pisses us off and doesn’t solve anything.

    And to answer your other question, I would think we won’t have to tell Scoble to explain as I’m sure he would. Probably get it wrong though. :)



    Dang it, now I’m having South Park flashbacks.

    “What would scobleizer do if he was here right now…”



    I’d like to suggest a free html text editor that does not add all that extra microsoft garbage into the coding http://www.notetab.com/ntl.php

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