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everytime a new wordpress feature is added....

  1. i feel skiddish like a little school girl hooray!!!!

    i wish i could gain access to whatever secret facility has the documents that let us know all the new features they will be rolling out.

  2. *chuckle* Gee, I'm wondering which "toys" (oops! I mean "features") you think that you just can't blog without? And, I'm also wondering how many upgrades you would be willing to pay for.

  3. Even I don't know. :(

  4. I hear your disappointment, O Venerable One. Not knowing, in advance, which distracting new "toys" will be introduced is real a heartbreaker for those who actually can and do blog. ... *rotflmao* ...

  5. Could we hack their Drafts files?

  6. i wish i could remember the names of all the dev's test blogs that got exposed when they introduced the friend surfer. used to be a way of seeing new themes/widgets.

  7. New WordPress features: No more Feed Stats. Next. No more Blog Stats. Next. Adsense. Next.... |-{

  8. c'mon. feed stats was crap anyway. (feedburner FTW)
    ads is really stupid, but what can you do? they're never going to take away blog stats. as silly as they think it it, everyone loves them.

  9. I never looked at my feed stats, because i felt they were untrustworthy. They just seemed to be extrapolated from the blog stats.

  10. My last one was partly a sardonic joke. But @sunburntkamel, while I find that Feedburner provides a number of other useful, good functions, its feed stats for blogs are grossly inaccurate.

  11. Feed stats was crap, actually. The breakdown was utterly useless, but the top graph was interesting; they coulda put it on the stats page just under the other graph and it would have fit fine.

    But if they take away blog stats I will hunt them down and leave them to die like dogs in the street, and much as I love Andy I am sure he knows this.

  12. I agree. The feed stats were inaccurate i.e. flawed.
    But blog stats are a basic requirement.

  13. I hope in future they do a deal with Feedburner or someone so we automatically get accurate stats. Too late to switch over my readers now.

  14. @raincoaster. I agree.

  15. defrostindoors

    Every time I see this topic title I want to add "an angel gets its wings".

  16. every time i see it, i want to change "skiddish" to "giddy".

  17. especially since the word is really supposed to be "skittish", which doesn't actually work in the context.

    /prescriptivist linguist notation over/

  18. @rain
    If you check out the forum search box you will find that there are those who did wish to see Feedburner given an wp-MU "rss feed monopoly" just a few months ago.

  19. I know...and I'd have supported it if I'd known what was coming.

  20. We never know what's coming at It's the "take them by surprise management style" that is the status quo around here.

  21. Hey, it's Friday!

    Has everyone noticed that email notifications aren't working for everyone with Yahoo mail?

    Also, we've got that MAJOR error where posts publish only up to the first autosave and everything after that is lost. Oh, this weekend is going to be FUNFUNFUN!

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