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EWWW Image Optimizer

  1. christopherfabbri

    can this Optimizer for my images? if so, how do you install it?
    EWWW Image Optimizer
    lots of my photos are up to 200 kb and instead of compressing them and reuploading them, can I use this EWWW Image Optimizer??

    any help very appreciated

  2. By the way, are you aware that your site is marked as mature?

  3. christopherfabbri

    I understand.

    oh yes, I have a file of artwork with nude sketches, (figures)

  4. christopherfabbri

    are figure drawings, as art , mature?
    how can I get my page not marked as mature?

  5. I'm a volunteer but I'll tag this topic for staff to take a look. If you subscribe, then you'll be notified when there is a response.

  6. christopherfabbri

    thanks!! : )

  7. christopherfabbri

    it's innocent and harmless to me, but I'll let the staff decide, thanks again tess. much appreciated

  8. Galleries page —>figures

  9. Hi christopherfabbri,

    While your content is fine for, your site is marked as Mature because there is nudity. Mature sites do not appear in the Reader, or as recommended posts, so that content doesn't appear in our "public" spaces on Otherwise, it is visible to all viewers as any other website would be.

  10. christopherfabbri

    ok, understood.
    thanks for your time

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