examples of 2010 themed sites – design possibilities?

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    I’m using the 2010 theme for my first WordPress.com site, because it seems straightforward and flexibe, and mostly because sorting through the thousands of attractive alternatives is overwhelming.

    I’m a newbie to design. How can I locate other websites build with the 2010 theme, to get an idea of the possibilities for 2010 customization, and of different directions to take my site?

    A google search for:
    wordpress examples “2010 theme”

    didn’t turn up much.

    Can I somehow search the source pages for the “2010” keyword?

    I’m not trying to plagiarize anyone’s content – the topic of my site isn’t going to change. I am looking for general design inspiration.


    The blog I need help with is runbarefootrunhealthy.wordpress.com.



    "Theme: Twenty Ten" "Blog at WordPress.com".

    When in doubt copy the footer.



    Thanks – that works! Super advice.

    The search results tell me that 2010-themed sites – at least those sites whose owners didn’t know how to erase the footer – all share a rather bland/fixed look and feel. But maybe that’s not such a terrible place to start with my first site.

    At least now I know I’m not overlooking some amazing resource within the 2010 universe of possibilities.


    You can also see blogs using Twenty Ten on the sidebar of http://theme.wordpress.com/themes/twentyten/



    Very cool – thanks, Matias. I’ve been to that page several times, apparently without noticing the side bar. Oops.

    Happy to see a site (http://bakelovenotwar.co.za/) that does away with the ugly black nav bar – so now I know it’s possible.

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