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Examples of custom CSS blogs on WP

  1. Hello,

    Could anyone who had purchased and modified their blog with the new CSS upgrade please post a link to their blog so that people can see what is possible with CSS. Also post the theme that you are using.


  2. On my to do list for mine. :)

  3. Here is mine:

    Not a big change, but if you've been the K2 page, you'll see what I was driving at.

    I started with Andy's Sandbox Kubrick CSS, removed all images, tinkered with fonts and colors. I'm trying to make a theme that has the minimal amount of images, is presentable enough, and emphasizes the content of the posts. I might change more later, as I find out more about CSS. A die-hard CSS artist could go *really* crazy with this, I'm just a little cookie ;). Its attractive but more complicated than I had thought. I now have a renewed appreciation for the people who make all these wonderful WP themes.

  4. I notice two significant changes. The header changed colour and there are now page tabs in the header area where there were none before. Is there anything else that I missed?

  5. TT: Yes, those are the main changes but, here are some more things that have changed: (Most of them are small changes which I could not have made from the theme options. Don't know if it is worth $15, but I'm enjoying this, and hopefully, they will add up to something good!)
    1. The header originally had a white border with smooth upper corners. This was actually a repeated jpeg image, which I have done away with.
    2. The fonts are now softer, i.e., I removed the bold fonts from the post titles and the side bar and replaced them with normal-weight larger fonts.
    3. The overall *usable* width of the blog has been increased. The default Kubrick theme had a gray strip around the writable area (this was also a repeated jpeg image). I removed this, and gained 20 pixels each for the post and the sidebar. Look at the edge of the white portion of this forum page. You see the gray shading? That is what I removed.
    4. Sidebar background color has been changed to white, from the earlier light gray.
    5. There is a white bar on the top of the maroon header (just like the basic avatar of the K2 theme). It might be hidden under the WP bar if you are logged in.

    Later, I will try to change the way some of the widgets appear (calender, search form, etc). The blog will mostly retain a white background. I am undecided about a three-column layout, but think that it is way too complicated for a blog whose "current" material only consists of a few posts and one quote. Some typepad blogs have a three-column layout that looks good without introducing cosmetic clutter. But I just don't have enough material to justify it yet.

  6. Nicely done: if you decentred the title and got rid of the pseudobullets in the sidebar it would be virtually indistinguishable from k2.

  7. I just realized that we can now add in padding around pics in our posts. :)

  8. Thanks wank.I am actually going to decenter the title but to the right rather than the left. And I would like to keep the bullets; their absence was one thing I did not like in the new K2 theme. Andy's Sandbox Kubrick doesn't have bullets and I spent two hours figuring out how to put them in ;-(.

  9. I saw the resemblance and I know K2. K2 will be probable the platform I would use for when I go over to a hosting service.

  10. sdrane, I added the bullets back into the original sandbox/kubrick post once I fixed the CSS filter. It was stripping slash-zero wrongly.

  11. Thanks Andy. Yes, I was puzzled after the preview repeatedly showed 00BB 0020 as the bullets ;). Actually, I did get them working on Friday after I found that simply pasting the code from the default Kubrick CSS wouldn't work. I finally got it with the following (same as the piece you added):

    <br /> div.entry-content ul li:before,div.sidebar ul ul li:before {<br /> content:"0BB 020";<br /> }<br />

    Thanks for all the work. This has added a new dimension to my enjoyment from blogging.

  12. Mirkwood, looks very nice.

  13. Thanks Matt. At Scott's request, I am sending him the custom CSS in a couple of days, so he can put it up on the Sandbox website for and users.

  14. Archaeoastronomy

    I also started with Andy's Sandbox Kubrick CSS. Along the way I discovered that ABBR doesn't take a style in IE.

  15. alunsalt: Yes, IE6 doesn't play nicely with the <abbr>, but there are workarounds for this, such as giving the parent element attributes that the <abbr> will inherit.

  16. alunsalt: that's quite original!

  17. Here's mine:

    I took the Kubrick code and modified it to my liking. No fancy design here; I simply wanted the look of my old blog back.

  18. Here's mine (yet another K2)

    There's few blog using it outside Haven't tested here.

    - zeo

  19. Hey atinyblip: I like the sparseness of your header area. Nice!

  20. Thank you, swallick.

  21. this one showed up in my tag surfer:

  22. re: nameless blog Good for you kristin!
    Maybe I'm off base but I thought that range was suggesting that this thread be kept as a kind of an index page directing bloggers to all the css customization links that have been done but there seem to be some missing.

    China Red (shouldn't it be listed here too, reaper?)
    Greenery (and it should be showing up here soon too, right?)

  23. Ewwww... here's another:

  24. I just wanted to say that I'm not entirly finnished with the Nameless Blog, just playing around a bit ;-)

  25. patriotsfanblog

    Do you have to know a lot of coding to be able to do that? Is CSS hard?

  26. The cool thing about how has the CSS editor setup is that you can throw in anythign you pretty much want into the editor and then delete it at the end and it'll go back to the old layout. :)

    There's some links for CSS help is the FAQ. (Since I got accused of it earlier, note that I'm sending someone to a specific article in the FAQ, not just the FAQ in general.)

  27. @timethief -
    neither i nor wank, nor reaper x are actually running our customizations on a blog (all of us apparently being po).
    but yes, bears mentioning. definately the most comprehensive change i've seen.
    i don't know what javajabber is up to, currently he/she is running regulus with a custom header.

  28. patriotsfanblog

    Thanks Dr Mike that will help... It cost $25 to upgrade right?

  29. $15.

    Try mucking around with the sandbox theme first before paying for the upgrade if you want. IIRC that one is free. :)

    It's sandbox, right that has the editor in it already?

  30. No, the $15 upgrade is for adding CSS thought a "Edit CSS" submenu under presentation. It can be applied to any theme. The Sandbox is different from the other available themes. In its "Sandbox Skins" menu, you can select "No stylesheet," which enables you to start from scratch.

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