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    this one showed up in my tag surfer:




    re: nameless blog Good for you kristin!
    Maybe I’m off base but I thought that range was suggesting that this thread be kept as a kind of an index page directing bloggers to all the css customization links that have been done but there seem to be some missing.

    China Red (shouldn’t it be listed here too, reaper?)
    Greenery (and it should be showing up here soon too, right?)



    Ewwww… here’s another:




    I just wanted to say that I’m not entirly finnished with the Nameless Blog, just playing around a bit ;-)


    Do you have to know a lot of coding to be able to do that? Is CSS hard?



    The cool thing about how WP.com has the CSS editor setup is that you can throw in anythign you pretty much want into the editor and then delete it at the end and it’ll go back to the old layout. :)

    There’s some links for CSS help is the FAQ. (Since I got accused of it earlier, note that I’m sending someone to a specific article in the FAQ, not just the FAQ in general.)


    neither i nor wank, nor reaper x are actually running our customizations on a blog (all of us apparently being po).
    but yes, http://lorelle.wordpress.com bears mentioning. definately the most comprehensive change i’ve seen.
    i don’t know what javajabber is up to, currently he/she is running regulus with a custom header.


    Thanks Dr Mike that will help… It cost $25 to upgrade right?




    Try mucking around with the sandbox theme first before paying for the upgrade if you want. IIRC that one is free. :)

    It’s sandbox, right that has the editor in it already?



    No, the $15 upgrade is for adding CSS thought a “Edit CSS” submenu under presentation. It can be applied to any theme. The Sandbox is different from the other available themes. In its “Sandbox Skins” menu, you can select “No stylesheet,” which enables you to start from scratch.



    You can of course ‘try before you buy’ by implementing Sandbox on your blog and saving a copy of the page to your computer. Granted, this suggestion is not much use to those who don’t already know their way around a stylesheet, and I suspect that group has made their decisions by now.

    I can’t even be bothered to make a custom header for wank.wordpress.com, so forking out for custom CSS seems unlikely unless I decide I am in desperate need of a .com testing ground.


    yeah, i’m not convinced that’s a terribly good suggestion for anyone who doesn’t already understand CSS.

    fixing ‘that one thing’ seems like a far better start for most people, IMO. given that’s how i got started.



    @wank and kamel

    I don’t have a clue about css or style sheets, etc. and I have no inclination to develop such skills. I am typical of a portion of the bloggers here at wordpress.com. So would the two of you agree that perhaps the best way for me or anyone like me to go is to
    (1)leave their existing blog alone and
    (2) get a second blog for testing purposes
    (3) download sandbox into it and play with it?
    Now if your answers to those questions are “yes” then here’s my next question.
    (4) If the blogger described above already knows which theme they would like to see modified, and they also know exactly what they would like to see changed, then how will playing with sandbox help them achieve their goal?


    unfortunately, TT, if you buy the custom CSS upgrade, there’s no way to transfer that to another blog. you’d have to buy a second upgrade for your main blog.

    if you want someplace to ‘try things out’ you might go with wank’s method. view your blog, and go File > save as > webpage (complete). now you can open up that folder (it will make a folder with the same name as the webpage, and put the CSS and all images in it), and try editting the CSS. if you like what you’ve done, then you can copy your changes into the Custom CSS box.

    or, you could switch your theme to Sandbox before saving, and start customizing fom ground zero.



    And another good, developing example of custom CSS with the Sandbox:



    I want to upgrade, just dont have the money : ( and also I dont think I could figure out CSS.



    And another good, developing example of custom CSS with the Sandbox:


    Looks fimiliar http://sandboxk2.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/redandgray.css

    Originaly made that for a client :)



    Nicely done, Zeo. :-D


    Would anybody ever do the CSS free for me if I ever decide to upgrade : D



    Yes, for the blog fjs6.wordpress.com (http://www.petronio-unbound.com), I used the converted to Sandbox skin ‘Red and Grey’:


    I’ll work on different variations to learn how to use CSS. Nevertheless, thanks to all of you, contribuitors to Sandbox skins, for making our life easier, especially to Safirul Alredha for the great work!

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