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Examples of particular themes in use

  1. Is there anywhere on the WordPress site that links to users' blogs that are using a particular theme? I'm sure I browsed several before selecting my current theme, but I'm darned if I can find any way now of visiting sites on a specific theme.

  2. There are some examples used at the theme showcase. Just type in the specific theme you are looking for.

  3. You can view the 170 themes in the Themes Showcase and there you will find some of those who use it in the right hand sidebar. Every theme also has a libe demo site as well.

    You can also use Google search to locate other users of any theme. Here's an example. I use Reddle on my blog. The footer credit links are: Blog at | Theme: Reddle by Automattic. If I use that searach string in in Google Search the results will be others using the same theme.

    You can also do forum searches by using the name of the theme. Example 1:

  4. Guys, thanks so much for the advice. I now see that some of the themes do have a "Who's Using This Theme" section -- it just so happened that a couple that I looked at earlier didn't have this.

    And thanks for the idea of doing a Google search, or a WordPress forum search for a theme. Nice one!

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