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  1. anyone else having them in the upcoming month and is procrasinating? (like me?!) i am so dead. hardly studied anything at all grrrr

  2. i have 'em this month.. two weeks from now. good luck with yours.

  3. I have them soon as well. I think I will need to take time of wordpress/internet if I want to do better than a half ass job.

    Can't wait when there will be no more exams for me (but that time is so far away *sigh*)

    All the best people!

  4. all the best to you all as well!! i really can't concentrate. :( i should go take medical leave

  5. remember the golden rule:
    When you're in doubt, choose B.

  6. if only there are multiple choice questions. mine are all essays. grrr 12 essays to go!! plus one economic paper which i have no idea is about

  7. What do you need to include in that economic paper. Will that be during class?

  8. worst thing is i have 0 idea what the whole paper is about. it is a principle of finance paper but i have hardly been to class/lectures the whole year and i never bothered to look even at the homework/lecture hand outs.
    in all, i am about as clueless bout the subject as you about what the paper is about - maybe except it includes a lot of formulas to memorise..

  9. Ah I remember that rule dissfunktional...

    Bis the right answer. It's not A because that will stop you from reading the other questions.
    It's not C because that is the most common and everythong always says C
    D is just space filled in and the answer is always the worst..

    Haha and I am sure there are small variations throughout the world

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