Exceeded login limits??

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    I tried to upload a post and a) it lost a draft, but b) it now says I have exceeded my logins and directs me to buy software. I thought this was a free site. Thank you for your help
    Rachel andrew (email redacted)

    The blog I need help with is gaynomads.wordpress.com.


    Hi Rachel. This is not normal behavior. Does this issue still happen for you? If so, can you post a screenshot of the message you are receiving?


    Also, please include the URL you are trying to access when this occurs.



    Thanks for your reply. I am away, only using phone. Can’t get a pic but it says “couldn’t sync. You have exceeded the login limit. Please wait a few minutes and try again”.
    Now I am wondering if its my password. But can’t reset that either. Whole thing just stalled. Hope you can help.


    Are you trying to login using your phone, or a computer when this is happening?

    To reset your password, please go to http://wordpress.org/wp-login.php?action=lostpassword






    Through the ap. so I’m wondering if it is more of phone issue. Can’t reset password as cant recieve SMS.


    And are you using the mobile App for iOS/Android, or are you viewing the site through your phone’s web browser?

    Either way, if you are still receiving the error, you may need to reset your password by going to the link I listed before to reset your password. The WordPress.com interface is not optimized for a phone’s display, so you might have better luck trying on a computer.



    Thanks for your help. I’m pretty sure it’s a phone prob now (iPhone) will try and reset or will have to leave it.


    You’re welcome. Hopefully resetting the phone fixes the issue.

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