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    Ok I probably will appear incredibly dumb here but how do I embed an Excel pie chart or bar graph with the right software to create a .jpg or .png file? My photo editor software does not convert an Excel nor Word document in .jpg, etc. which it appears the type of image file wordpress.com can attach and display cleanly in a blog post/page.

    The blog I need help with is cyclewriteblog.wordpress.com.


    In excel, right click (ctrl-click in Mac) on the graph and then save as image. It will automatically save it as a PNG.



    Thank you. I had to have my partner do this because he has …a Mac.



    Many programs have the ability to Export (or some other name)(that is what it is called in my Open Office stuff) – and one of the common options is PNG or other image files, or when I got trapped I exported as a PDF then Exported from PDF to a graphic.

    Look under File for the options – sometimes the Export and options are a bit hidden.


    Wait, Excel for Windows doesn’t have the ability to save a graph as an image?




    Wow, justjennifer..thanks for the link. I guess a person had better freeze/give read only access for their Excel spreadsheet!

    The result of my embedded chart:
    http://cyclewriteblog.wordpress.com/about/ I forgot to notice the unnecessary 2 decimal places. But what the hey….

    Next time I’ll learn!

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