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    I’ve done a search on the forum for Excel related help and can’t seem to resolve my issue, which is having Excel tables that are about 15 columns wide. What I had originally tried to do was a paste special in Word pasting in the Excel file. It shows up like a picture and I can squish it.

    When I use the WordPress paste from Word function, the picture of the Excel table disappears. I then downloaded Windows Live Writer and tried to paste in there. The picture shows up but is completely illegible. I tried to copy from Excel and paste special into Live Writer as HTML but it then becomes way too wide for the screen.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    The blog I need help with is jonathanjoyce.wordpress.com.


    The problem is the width of the themes here. Unless your 15 columns are only a few characters wide each, it isn’t going to fit in a blog post. Each theme has a maximum width in the post area.

    Tables can be inserted from WLW, or by hand-coding in HTML, but again, blogs simply aren’t designed for displaying wide tables, and if you try to force the issue you will end up “breaking” the theme.

    One option is to turn the spreadsheet into a PDF so that your visitors can download and view it. Another is to upload the spreadsheet to a file sharing service like box.net or fileden.

    Yet another is to use Scribd to display the spreadsheet in your blog, but when I was testing it about a year ago it was soft of finicky. You might give it a try though: http://en.support.wordpress.com/scribd/ .



    I recommend going to http://www.scribd.com/ and uploading your excel document. Then go to the page with the document and click on “share & embed” then under the “embed” code click “advanced” and there a shortlink for wordpress.COM users and just enter that into you post and people can view the document.


    I actually don’t know of a way to actually paste an excel doc into the visual editor, I assume it’s impossible. I think the scribd method is better though



    aw, tsp beat me to the punch, I took too long playing around on scribd site, I found a cookbook and became preoccupied lol


    Happens to me as well.


    Yet another way: save the file as a webpage, open that version, copy the image and upload it. Make sure you click “File URL” before inserting it, so that it’ll link to the full-size original when clicked.


    Thanks for all the advice! I’ll give it a go on the weekend and report back.


    Thanks again everyone. I tried the following (based on a suggestion on my site) and it worked, even with the number of columns I was trying to fit in.

    Note that I type my draft posts in Windows Live Writer and upload into WordPress.
    1. Left the Excel files as .xls
    2. Copied the rows and columns
    3. Went into MS Paint and pasted
    4. Saved as .bmp files
    5. Load the image into the post
    6. Resize the image

    So essentially the same thing as one of the suggestions above without the pain of the .csv file. This was key for me because .csv can only be one tab and my files tend to have a bunch of tabs.

    Here’s the post if you are interested in seeing how it looks.




    Since you are willing to post an image, there is a nice printer program called ImagePrinter (http://imageprinter.software.informer.com/) that allows you to print Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and others as an image file — such as .jpg, .png, .bmp. And I believe it allows for .pdf printing too — I use a different program for .pdf creation.
    I use this ImagePrinter to create ,jpg and .png files daily. You choose from you printers when you print a file.
    I use this program, to create an image, and then I use Paint to reduce the size of the image. Works like a charm.




    I created a table in Word, saved it as a webpage and cut and pasted it into my blog. Worked fine.


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    Please provide a link to your blog, especially to the post or page where you used the table you created in Word.
    Sometimes you can be lucky and will have no problems, but in general it is not a good idea to do that. And it is a very-not-good / poor / bad idea to advise others to do it.

    Using pre-formated text usually means that quite a lot of nonsense code is included which can very badly mess up your blog. It might not happen the first or second time you do it, or it might look good in the browser you use but not in other browsers, or the effect could accumulate…


    Yes, there are no tables on this blog: http://mikehartcxo.wordpress.com/ .

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