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Exception 500, Content,title,and excepts are empty

  1. I already posted this question at github and had been responded but after a huge amount of effort i am making stupidous mistakes in the code but where that is the question i don't know! Can somebody look into my code and please let me know where is the blockage?
    Here is my code:
    try<br /> {</p> <p> wrapper = new WordPressWrapper(this.BlogAddressNew, this.Username, this.Password);<br /> post = new Post();<br /> this.PostID = int.Parse(this.postid_fld.Text.ToString());<br /> post.PostID = this.PostID;<br /> this.Title = this.Title_fld.Text.ToString();<br /> post.Title = this.Title;<br /> post.Tags = new String[] {this.tags_fld.Text };<br /> post.Categories = new String[] { this.cats_fld.Text };<br /> this.TextToEdit = this.richTextBox1.Text.ToString();<br /> post.Body = this.TextToEdit;<br /> MessageBox.Show(post.PostID + post.Body);<br /> bool postEdited = wrapper.EditPost(post.PostID, post, true);<br /> if (postEdited == true)<br /> {<br /> MessageBox.Show("Post has been edited successfully!");<br /> wordpressBrowser.webBrowser.Navigate(this.BlogAddressNew);<br /> }<br /> else<br /> MessageBox.Show("Post has not been edited successfully!");<br /> }<br /> catch (Exception ex)<br /> {<br /> MessageBox.Show(ex.Message.ToString());<br /> }

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi there,

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