Exception in using some affiliate links on my blog

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    Dear WP support,

    We have recently created the dowava.wordpress.com blog and are planning on starting
    promotion of it soon. However, I have been reviewing some of the terms about advertising on WP blogs, and would like to make sure that we do not violate policy.

    Firstly, our blog is currently aimed at providing useful information to people about getting traffic to their sites AND also at some ways of earning money online. Now in the posts where the latter is concerned we do have some affiliate links/linked images. While we do have some plans on affiliate marketing in the not-so-near future that is currently not our goal/focus. We would just like to first register a domain name, start advertising it, get it known in the first few months.

    I understand that while it’s hosted at wordpress.com we cannot use sites like AdSense, nor are right now aiming at using WordAds immediately neither. As I said our purpose is to first to get the word out and at the same time get acquainted with the WordPress platform, before moving to self-hosted server and buying certain upgrades on WordPress.

    So here’s my request: could you review our blog and let us know if what we’re doing here might cause conflicts with WP’s terms and conditions.

    Again, our purpose in the first month or two is to just explore the platform and get some traffic to our blog, advertising FROM our blog is not our prime intent right now, giving out some useful information is.

    I thank you in advance for your answer.
    Kind regards,
    Andraz Vene

    The blog I need help with is dowava.wordpress.com.


    Now in the posts where the latter is concerned we do have some affiliate links/linked images.

    I can’t see how that is not a violation that would cause suspension.



    Yes, if you go strictly by the terms then it is. However, I’ve also read a topic that is linked to in wordpress help, where WP staff said that having some links like that can sometimes be tolerated.

    That’s why I posted this and see if that can be the case here as well ;)

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