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Excerpt problem

  1. After reading, “manual Excerpt in WordPress: What, why, how, tips and plugins/UPDATED 2009-10-05”, I wrote an excerpt for three different posts expecting the “excerpt only” to appear in the RSS feed email notice.

    However, each subscriber notice included the entire document.

    What do I need to do so that only the excerpts come through the email notices to subscribers?

    (Also all the tags show at the top............URL is

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The option under Settings > Reading on your blog is still set as "full text." You will need to change that to "summary" if you would like to only display a summary in your RSS feed.

  3. (The "manual Excerpt" isn't for the feeds, it's for your actual blog pages; and it doesn't work in the theme you're using anyway.)

  4. Thehline,
    I did what you said but not able to create a new post for a couple of days to test the results. Will come back when I do this.

    I understood that the manual excerpt would prevent full content from appearing in the RSS feed email notices. Is there another way to accomplish this or another way for people to subscribe without using my email address as I have written at bottom of home page? I'm new to RSS feed (read lots on it) but don't think I fully understand excerpt or RSS feed.


  5. After I posted the previous response to Thehline and Panaghiotisadam, it sunk in what Panaghiotisadam meant by not working with the theme I'm using.

    So, I guess my only question is:

    Is there another way for people to subscribe without using my email address (as seen at bottom of home page) without revealing entire content of new posts?

    Thank you.

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