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    I have recently switched themes from Coraline to Hum. On Coraline the ‘more’ tag did not work so I have always used the ‘excerpts’ feature to manually type in part of my post to show on the front page.

    Now I am on Hum the posts are showing in full on the front page instead of the exceprts I had previously selected. Is there a way to turn the excerpts back on, or do I need to go through all the posts and insert the ‘more’ tag for them to show succinctly on the front page?

    Thanks for your help, p.s. thought I’d post this in Support rather than Themes as it might apply to more themes than just Coraline/Hum.

    The blog I need help with is bunnywaffles.wordpress.com.


    Hi guys, any ideas? :)



    You need to use the More tag on that theme.


    Thanks raincoaster


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    The “more tag” works on all themes except those which show only the titles of posts, in which case it’s probably obvious that there could be moreā€¦
    Maybe not on P2 either, though using posts on that theme are short to begin with.

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