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    When I type in an excerpt it doesn’t show up on my home page. I don’t want to use the More function because I want different excerpts than the first few lines of my post. How do I know if the theme I have doesn’t support excerpts? If I want to code for excerpts, where do I do so — in the excerpt box, at the top of the post? Please help!!! This is boggling my mind!

    The blog I need help with is morganash.wordpress.com.



    We can’t help without a link to the blog, starting with http.


    Excerpts do not work on all themes here. For a list of which themes they work on, and which pages they will show up on, see this post by Panos.


    Thanks Rain, I was just about to come back and ask for that.




    The theme I’m using is Ocean Mist, which didn’t show up on the list of the link you gave, @thesacredpath


    If you’ve tried an excerpt, and it did not work with Ocean Mist, then that is one that does not support excerpts.

    You can however use the more tag on your posts and shorten them up as you desire on a post by post basis.



    Ahh okay. Thanks for the help! When choosing a new theme, is there a way to know whether they support excerpts or not?



    When choosing a new theme, is there a way to know whether they support excerpts or not?

    Yes, please refer to the list thesacredpath posted the link to above. It’s continually updated as themes are added.


    Look in that post by Panos in the left column under “Main posts page and Category/Archive pages” and those are the ones that support it.

    Some themes have the except function built right into them and will limit the number of words or characters automatically and if you use the excerpt function in conjunction with that you can normally choose your own introductory text to display. Inuit Types is one such theme and I believe Structure is another one.

    And in that post by Panos it also says, “Excerpts in Chateau and Fusion work only if you have selected the relevant option in Appearance > Theme Options.”


    What my post doesn’t say (yet) is that you can now create custom excerpts in a new group of themes too: those with the Gallery format option (Beach, Blogum, Chateau, Coraline, Duster, Fruit Shake, Liquorice, Manifest, Matala, Mystique, Rusty Grunge, Toolbox, Twenty Eleven, Twenty Ten and Vertigo). But it comes with a complication.


    But it comes with a complication.

    I can only imagine…


    Want to know now or wait till I update the post? (Ideally I should also write a post on post formats first, so that I’ll have where to link to for the list!)



    Update the post … lol :D



    Oops! Do a post on post formats too.


    Will do (if the theme team give me a break)!

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